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Josh's Story

I started my professional career as a musician and later became an independent filmmaker and television producer. I enjoyed all aspects of the business, however, as the internet age crept in, film distribution companies began to close their doors. I was actually okay with all of it. That chapter of my life had come to a close.

I ended back up at the beginning, resuming my spiritual practice that I had started around the age of 10, through strict martial arts training that allowed me to compete across the United States. I even received one of my trophies from Jackie Chan although he wasn't even announced at the tournament. 

Much of my work is traditional Curanderismo and all of my clients come from a variety of beliefs and backgrounds. They appreciate my direct approach and the radical results that they get bring about some really awesome experiences for them. I'm always thrilled to hear about a reading or working that brought about an outcome better than what they had asked for. 

Working with my wife Rhonda has brought us closer and 
the bond we share is second to none. I wouldn't trade any of what we have now for the past in film and television, as exciting and interesting as those days were!

Rhonda's Story

My life is a mixture of tragedy and comedy, with a few narrow escapes from the Grim Reaper. I've accepted that many of my natal planetary aspects have gifted me with the ability to think and talk about all things taboo... and to tell it like it is with a little humor included, no extra charge!

I specialize in natal and transit astrology, whipping up a reading for anyone that wants to hear their own life story told in vibrant detail. I like to give happy news but if you want to hear the nitty gritty stuff, I will happily oblige as long as you have chocolate.

My travels have taken me all over this beautiful country and mostly to the wild wild West where my family still resides on Hopi land in the northern part of Arizona, high up on the mesas. A little known neat fact is that my dear grandfather "Ned" was actually Edmund Nequatewa, Hopi chief, snake dancer and High Priest. I'm just a tiny bit proud of my heritage! ;)

Meeting Josh was definitely in our star charts (I checked!) and I am beyond thrilled that we work in this together, meeting really awesome people and sharing lots of insights while having fun. ​​
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    Our 1st holiday
    Our 1st holiday
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    Our 10 Year Anniversary
    Our 10 year anniversay

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